Spey Bay Membership
Code of Conduct

Links Golf Club’s Mission:

Links Golf Club is building the world’s greatest golf community, Our mission is to reimagine the modern golf & leisure club. We endeavor to make this community, both URL (online) and IRL (in real life), a fun and enjoyable place for all members, their families, and their guests.

By participating in the Links Golf Club Community, you consent to the following rules as they apply online and offline in all places where Links Golf Club may be represented, including but not limited to Twitter, Discord, Clubhouse, LinkUps, IRL Events, Member <> Member and Club <> Club reciprocity, and all Links Golf Club Golf & Leisure Clubs & Properties.

Links Golf Club Code of Conduct Introduction:

Links Golf Club is a golf community that has both IRL (in real life) and URL online experiences. This Code of Conduct is specific towards the IRL experience so that we can make sure we are staying aligned with our own mission statement (Creating the world’s best leisure and golf club) while protecting the safety of our members.

Links Golf Club Rules:

  1. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Links Golf Club’s community includes people from all races, genders, ages, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, and levels of ability - No discrimination or personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated. Do your best to be inclusive, welcoming and open minded. 

  2. Respect the rights of others to enjoy a harassment-free community and experience. This includes making sexist, sexual, racist, or inappropriate comments to any gender or any ethnicity. 

  3. You are solely responsible for any loss or theft of or damage to your personal property. Subject to our Terms, neither Links Golf Club nor any entity operating any aspect of a Links Golf Club IRL experience accepts responsibility or assumes risk for lost, stolen, or damaged property. 

  4. Links Golf Club members must abide by all applicable.

  5. Links Golf Club participants, attendees and guests are required to adhere to the instructions of all Links Golf Club IRL experience Hosts, Links Golf Club employees and agents, all security employees and agents, the staff of the venues where each IRL experience is held, and any and all law enforcement personnel. 

  6. If you fail to abide by these rules, then we may ask you to leave the premises and/or revoke or suspend your club membership.